What is WP Configurator?

Are you a shop owner and selling physical goods? and planning to let the users to customize their products. Yes, you are in the right place.

It is a tool that allows you to use layers to produce instant visuals for your customers. Give your customers a great experience, and make your life easy, no need to create many product variations with their images.

How it Works?

Once you install and activate the plugin on the WordPress site. Before you proceed, First you need to prepare the cropped layered images using image editor softwares like Photoshop.

Then go to Configurator > New Configurator. You just need to enter the name of the configurator, choose a product, choose the style you want and hit the create button.

Create the groups and layers, then add the images to the layers. Adjust the layer settings. That's all.

For detailed walkthrough, See WP Configurator Pro Documentationopen in new window



Turns your WordPress website into an online store? Allows the users to build their own product.

Get a Quote.

Don't you want to set the fixed price? Then let the users negotiate with you.

Contact Form 7.

No, It's not enough. I need to collect some additional details. Yes, you can link products with Contact Form 7.

Ulimited Level of Layers.

Most of the configurator addons available in the market only supports two levels, but that what makes our plugin more unique. It is limitless.

Pre defined Styles.

We are proving 6 styles by default, you don't need to limit yourself. Pick the style what you really think suitable to you.


Don't you think some pre defined configurations which helps users a little? then build some.

Multiple Views.

Sometimes a single view of a product is not enough. Create unlimited views of your product and highlight the details.


Are you tired of creating the configurator from scratch? or If you want to move the configurator from another site. Then why don't you try Configurator > Import/Export.

Multiple Option.

In some condition, you may want to let the users to pick multiple choices.

Required Option.

Do you want to force the users to pick any of the choices from any group. If it's enabled, it won't let the users to pass through if they don't pick.


If your products are similar, you don't need to recereate everything. Duplicate the configurator and adjust whatever you want?.

Pro vs Lite.

WP Configurator ProWP Configurator Lite
Get a Quote✔️✔️
Contact Form 7✔️
Predefined Styles6 Styles1 Style
Unlimited Levels✔️2 Levels
Multiple Views✔️1 View
Multiple Option✔️✔️
Required Option✔️✔️